The Ark

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The Ark is an open source, single player 3D RPG, based on a fantasy world. The game features four professions, full 3D isometric view: zoom and camera rotation besides the traditional scrolling, rich skill tree, realtime combat, quests and non linear, open ended story.

Explore the lands of Elymuria, a world shattered by 10 years of war against daemons. Behold the end of the Old Gods age and the beginning of a new one. Choose your side and help shape the future, earn a reputation, be a hero, a villain or simply pass unseen.

What is this about? The aim of the project is to create an old style isometric game with the best features from classics like Fallout or Baldur'sGate, but with some touch of modernity and lot of humour. The Ark is crossplatform and built with free software only: Ogre 3D for graphics, OpenAL for sound and Lua as scripting language. The source code is available in our Sourceforge SVN repository licensed under GPL.