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This is a short list of the reaces inhabiting Elymuria main continent. Which of them will be playable is still undecided.

Varsois are the most widely spread specie in Elymuria, besides cockroaches and mosquitoes. They are a branch of Elders, originated when some low class Elders and serfs migrated to east. Which, of course, they strongly deny, telling instead an unbelievable story about divine warriors who fought alongside the Elder Gods against the Ancient Dragonsand received as reward the large plains that once were the Varsoi Empire. The primitive varsoi originated the first waves of northern settlers, who will become the naruma people 100 years later. Only the southern ikigái, even when human, are not descendants of varsois.  They are good traders, famous explorers, soldiers, mages, and basically, try to make others know they are good at everything

A bunch of arrogant stupids, which fortunately are becoming less and less every year. Elder discovered magic, the pottery, agriculture, and pretty much everything in this world, if you believe them. They get a +1 Charisma and +1 Intel bonus because they think they are cooler and smarter than everybody. Their knowledge of arcane magic is... well, they discovered it, so they got a +2 bonus to Magic skill. They can use some spells even if they are Soldiers.

Abanoas are vampiric being, came from another world. They feed of vital energy. As they are feared by all elymurians, Abanoas suffer a Charisma penalty of -2, but you really dont care what the cattle thinks about you, isn't it? They are warriors by nature, so they get a +1 to all weapon/defense related skills.

Also known as Technologists. Also known as junkers. Junk, eh, I mean, technologists, are adept to building mechanical stuff, and some of them actually works! They are seen with distaste by elymurians because of their weird aspect and oil leaks that spoil the chairs, so they get a -3 charisma penalty, but a +2 strenght bonus.


Probably you will be familiar with the concept of working to earn your food. There are several jobs in Elymuria, and a few ways to deal with those jobs.

You were adept since childhood to bully other children, throw stones to beggars and kick the puppies. Now that you are older, those unmature attitudes are left behind. You are looking for more sophisticated ways to hurt people and the warrior's guild is the best place to learn them. A soldier primary attributes are Strength and Dexterity. Forget about intelligence, you just need the minimun to count the coins you take from other people.

You have spent your life studying the arcane misteries, alchemy and such useless things. Primary attribute: Intelligence, of course, to master spells and rare plants used in alchemy, although in practical life most mages cant tell apart a potato from a banana. You can find them in libraries, ruins and wandering, deeply meditating how to eat without work. Mages get fat young and usually have long beards with its own ecosystem.

Clerics have a difference with mages because of religious matters. Mages believes (a sort of) in Elder gods, that left this world some years ago. Elder gods are bad for the clerics' bussiness, who worship Father Sun and Mother Moon. Clerics practice a form of divine magic with funny spell names and some kind of fighting style with a wand ideal to hit mages in the head. They firmly believe in democracy and the strenght of majority, so they try by all means to reduce the mages population. What they tend to ignore is that the spells they use are derived from ancient demonic magic.

Street musician
You can find these lazybones all around Elymuria, making terrible noises with their so called "instruments". And they even ask to be paid for it! Musicians are used to live from hand to mouth, so they are expert assessing the true value of whatever item they can put their hands on. They get a +3 charisma bonus, +2 to Barter and +2 to Lore.

Warning! This is work in progress. So, definitive things could be better (or worse).